Fertility Acupuncture

At McQue Acupuncture we treat women and men for many different reasons when it comes fertility issues.

You may, yourself be experiencing or indeed have a diagnosis of a fertility related issue some of which are listed below; 

  • Unexplained fertility
  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Secondary Infertility
  • High FSH, Low AMH
  • Underactive/ overactive Thyroid

Acupuncture can help to 

  • improve the condition of the endometrial lining
  • reduce stress
  • Improve blood flow to the ovaries
  • Regulate hormones

Here at McQue Acupuncture we provide a safe and confidential space for you to share your uncertainties and speak freely about your concerns.

We are here to help you better understand what may be occurring and why that may be. We can give you answers to your many questions surrounding any tests or investigations that you may be undergoing.

We also work closely with men who have concerns about their fertility.

Male infertility has seen an increase in recent year and Low sperm count can affect 1 in 20 males.

Here in clinic we can provide advice and treatments for men who may experience 

  • Low Sperm
  • Morphology issues
  • Low motility

Offering advice on lifestyle and provide acupuncture which research has shown may help to improve the quality of sperm.

Price £50 - £45