Frequently asked Questions.

Your initial consultation will involve taking a full case and medical history from you. This will include a reading of the pulse and looking at the tongue of which i will ask to take a photograph (if consent is given) for your file. If you are on any medications - please provide details of these.
Time allocated for initial sessions range from one - two hours.
Follow up treatments are  between one hour and 45 mins.
Before your treatment.
  • Eat a small meal or have a snack at least two hours before your treatment.
  • Make sure your well hydrated (no alcohol).
Post treatment.
  • No heavy duty work.
  • No hard and strenuous exercise.
  • Keep Hydrated.
  • Relax. 
Initial consultation with treatment ranges from £70 - £55 .
Follow up treatments are £45.

A highly qualified acupuncturist is trained to insert the needles with a quick and smooth action.
One may experience sensations of slight tingling, warmth, and a dull ache all of which are desirable to assist with healing.
For most, an acupuncture treatment is deeply relaxing and many have described feelings of calmness and of having increased energy.
Yes we do.
24 hours notice is required.
Otherwise full appointment fee will be charged.
No visitors are allowed unless accompanying a minor.
However, if you wish to have someone with you, i am very happy to discuss this via a phone call before treatment.
Something comfortable with access to the legs and arms.
However, you may be asked to remove certain items of clothing depending on the course of treatment.
Towels and sheets are provided for modesty and comfortability purposes.
That depends on the course of treatment.
I may decide to use points that are local to the problem area, points that are related, but not of that area, and a selection of specialised points.
What do i mean by this?
There are points on the feet that can treat the head and there are points on the hands that can treat the back.
Acupuncture like western medicine applies a course of treatment so it can be effective.
How many treatments will depend on how acute or chronic the problem is.
How long you have been experiencing the issue.
Some conditions may clear in 4– 6 treatments.
With others we may review at this time to determine how the treatment is progressing and the likelihood of resolving it.
While, for some this may be the objective. You must continue to take any medication you have been prescribed and discuss with your prescribing consultant.