10 Oct

How often have you been told ''It's just your period"?

The narrative that persists among some medical professionals regarding painful periods is recognised as outdated, dismissive, and unhelpful. A recent survey conducted by Wellbeing of Women revealed alarming statistics, with 96% of women aged 16 to 40 reporting experiencing period pain and a substantial 59% describing it as severe. 

These numbers show the urgent need for a more empathetic and proactive approach within the medical community, which acknowledges how debilitating it can be to have a period. It is clear that dismissing the significance of menstrual pain is no longer acceptable, and a shift in perspective is needed to improve the quality of care and support offered to those affected. 

Furthermore, the survey found that 51% of these women felt dismissed and not taken seriously when discussing their period problems with a healthcare professional. 

I find it utterly staggering that women and those with periods are still told, "They should get on with it". "What do you want me to do?" or, you need to learn to live with it. 

Pain during your period is NOT normal.

Severe menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea), are not some kind of initiation into adulthood, and they're not something you should just "get used to." These cramps can be so painful that they stop you from going to school, work, or hanging out with friends. They mess up your routine and can be seriously disruptive.⁠
Acting like severe menstrual cramps are no big deal doesn't just hurt individuals; it harms women's health overall. Here's why we've got to stop normalizing these painful cramps:⁠
Acupuncture can be a helpful intervention for severe menstrual cycles in a simple way because it may help reduce pain and discomfort associated with menstruation. Here's how it works:⁠

Pain Relief: ⁠
Menstrual cramps are often caused by muscle tension and hormonal imbalances. Acupuncture may help relax the muscles in the pelvic area and stimulate the release of natural pain-relieving chemicals (endorphins).⁠
Regulating Hormones: ⁠
By regulating hormone levels, acupuncture can help make your menstrual cycle more regular and less painful.⁠
Individualised Treatment:⁠
As an Acupuncturist, I tailor your treatment to your specific needs. ⁠
This means I can focus on your unique symptoms and address them directly, making it a personalised approach to managing severe menstrual cycles.⁠

Tips for you.

Consider having your thyroid checked. 

If your thyroid is misbehaving and not working correctly it can impact your period.

You can arrange with your GP  to have a blood test or order a home test.


It's great for reducing period pain, and I always recommend this pain buster to my clients.

Why?  It helps to reduce prostaglandins - by doing so this reduces pain.

I take Bio Magnesium from Pharma Nord UK. 

Heat therapy:

I often inform patients who are cold and experience painful menstrual cramps to use a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel to place over the lower abdomen. Please refer to my previous blog, Menstrual Pain, acupuncture, and Aromatherapy on how combining essential oils with heat therapy can help alleviate period cramps.

As I wrap up, it's super important to remember that understanding your body is a huge step in recognising when something's not right, especially when it comes to painful monthly cycles. Knowing that intense pain isn't normal gives you the confidence to chat with medical professionals when discussing your concerns, and get the support you need. Through specialized training in reproductive health and acupuncture, I'm here not just as a friendly face but as someone who's all about helping you regulate those periods and ease the discomfort. 

I am deeply dedicated to supporting women and individuals experiencing periods in fostering healthy menstrual cycles due to a combination of personal and professional motivations. Having witnessed firsthand the challenges and discomfort that can accompany menstrual health issues, I'm driven by empathy and a genuine desire to alleviate the suffering many individuals endure during their cycles. Through specialised knowledge, my aim is to help individuals by providing holistic care, personalised treatments, and guidance to ensure an understanding of how to navigate your menstrual health more effectively. Moreover, it's important to break the silence and stigma surrounding menstrual health. By raising awareness, and having open discussions about periods, I want to create a supportive environment where you feel comfortable getting help and discussing your experiences without fear or judgment. Overall, my dedication to promoting healthy menstrual cycles is a combination of my own personal understanding of the challenges involved, professional expertise, and my passion for helping you take control of your reproductive health for a more comfortable and fulfilling life.



Launch of 'Just a Period' campaign (wellbeingofwomen.org.uk) 

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