12 Jun

With the news that some fertility clinics may be allowed to re-open I wanted to discuss what can be done to prepare oneself for IVF.

Whether it's a first cycle or another round of IVF, preparing yourself in the best way possible is important.

It's not an easy journey and IVF can bring many challenges. So here are a few ideas on how best to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the journey ahead.


Not to be confused with diet, its more about eating the most nutritious food possible to prepare the body for what it is going to go through. Replace processed foods with lots of colour in your food sources from leafy greens, avocados, sweet potatoes, dark berries, grass fed proteins and more.


It's important to take the right ones for you and in accordance with what has been recommended. Fertility clinics are happy to discuss with you what may be best in the way of good quality vitamins with some providing them for you.


I recommend that Acupuncture should be started 2-3 months before beginning a cycle of IVF for both men and women.

The body needs time to prepare, adjust and repair itself to work optimally and in clinic the outcome has had better results when the body has been allowed to prepare.

Acupuncture has been shown to:-

  • Help regulate fertility hormones.
  • Reduce side effects of some medications used in IVF.
  • Increase ovarian function.
  • Improve follicle production.
  • Improve Quality of Sperm
  • Reduce anxiety and stress


This is important. Having a support network that one can trust can really help to reduce stress and worries that may occur. Being able to share your thoughts and concerns with someone you know can be key o helping you through what can be at times a difficult process.


This again is important and can vary from person- to-person in what they deem as relaxation, however finding the right balance will further prepare you for what lies ahead.

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